Châssis G. Hanin in Marche-en-Famenne, manufacture and installation of PVC, aluminium and steel windows and doors.


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Manufacture of PVC, aluminium and steel windows and doors
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Steel windows and doors

We produce your internal and external joinery in steel using Swiss profiles manufactured by FORSTER AG.
(FINCERTIF/SVP/Com 001 MB3 certificate issued by the Belgian National Fire Protection Association (ANPI/NVBB) on 3 March 2002).

Steel, the key to Architecture
Steel is now seen as the ideal material for producing doors, walls, partitions and windows. It meets all the safety, durability, fire resistance and aesthetical considerations applying to modern constructions.

Aesthetical considerations
The aesthetical qualities and elegance of steel no longer need to be proved. The delicacy of the profiles and its ability to adapt to all circumstances make steel the material of choice for architects; steel ties in as easily with the old as with the new and plays a key role in decoration.

Buildings are subject to major constraints : resistance to water, wind, vandalism and fire arms.

Buildings must comply with extremely rigorous fire safety legislation.
Fire protection essentially calls for partitions, doors and walls that form an impenetrable barrier to flames, smoke and heat.
The physical characteristics of steel give this material exceptionally high resistance to fire.

Whether for use on the coast, inland or in an urban environment, the surfaces of items produced in steel are given anti-corrosion treatment and paint of the highest quality complying with European standards.

Steel therefore provides every guarantee of durability.

Environmentally friendly
Steel is a natural, noble and pure commodity which can be fully recycled indefinitely without releasing any residual pollutants into the environment.

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